Welcome to the Matlock Digital Slotcar Club website.

Based in Matlock, Derbyshire my 2 lane track has evolved from over the last 10 years. What started out as a temporary “rug racer” set up ( race then take down) plastic track is now a wooden routed one with permanent residence in my garage. It occupies 90% of the floor space and measures 23m in length.

We have te option to use either the Scalextric Sport digital system or the Slot it oXigen digital system, either can optionally connect to the PC which allows the action to be controlled by race management software (RMS) all completely wireless. I use a variety of RMS programs inc PcLapcounter, RCS64, SSDC and Slot It’s own Chrono.

The club races predominantly digitally chipped Slot it, NSR and Scaleauto cars.

If you’re interested it giving slot car racing a try for the first time or a seasoned pro who would just like to try out the track then feel free to contact me and we’ll arrange it.

Please contact me via the website or by using the email address on the contact us page for any further information.